How it all began…

Our Mission

buy plan b one step We wish to provide mid-Missouri children (and children everywhere online) a quality natural history museum with accessible, knowledgeable staff.

Our Story

Cimin It all started rather innocently, with a fossil display in my classroom.  My Zoology students thought it would be helpful to be able to see and touch some of the structures we discussed in class, as opposed to just reading about them.  I had a few pieces, so I brought them in and put them on an old bookshelf. Then it started to…grow.  Like an out of control amoeba, the display started taking over part of my classroom.  I eventually had to move it out of the classroom mainly due to its size.  One of my students later suggested turning it into a museum, and, well, here we are.  240 species are currently represented, with more being added all the time.  

Meet the Team There aren’t many of us, but here we are!


Hilary Sifling-Curator

During the day, I teach high school science.  At night, I manage the museum, the greyhounds, and the Assistant Curator.  Sometimes I even manage to sleep.

Garion Sifling-Assistant Curator

His hobbies include drinking milk, sleeping, driving the greyhound crazy, and attempting to add to the museum using the Curator’s credit card.  This child needed a job. I just wish he’s stop putting the Camarasarus claw in his ball pit…

Museum Security-Scout and Thor

Yes, they are about as useless at their job as they appear.

What We Have

The museum includes real fossils, fossil casts, trace fossils, as well as a few fakes (some more well done than others). We also have a rather large selection of books on prehistoric wildlife, which also threatens to outgrow the two bookshelves that currently house them. For a more complete idea of what is in the collection, visit the Index page. Most of those listed do not have a dedicated entry yet, but will eventually.