Back from road trip That was an awesome Thanksgiving break. We hit most of the natural history museums close by our hotel, and here is the breakdown/ Fick Museum: Really cool place attached to the local public library. They had local history items in addition to fossils. This one apparently also started in someone’s basement (hmmm…) and was moved when the wife of the owner got tired of random people wanting to come into their house.

Bānsi The KU museum was also great, just as good as i remembered. I still am in love with the massive tylosaur hanging from the ceiling.

buy provigil in canada The highlight was probably the Sternberg Museum with the Fish-within-a-Fish specimen. I don’t think i have ever seen a specimen in such a beautiful state of preservation. The Assistant Curator enjoyed it too, and had loads of fun running around and in particular climbing on the sauropod bone.

Catch you later!

The Curator