tastefully Type of Pathology: Bite marks

Ath Thawrah Location Found: South Carolina

cheap isotretinoin canada Source of pathology: Predation or scavenging

http://onewish4u.com/page/2 Creator of pathology: Shark

Above is a partial tail chevron from a small cetecean, probably not a whole lot bigger than a modern dolphin. Several scratches are evident on the photographed side. The opposite side shows two deeper cuts as well. Given their position (underside of the tail) and size/shape of the marks, the culprit was most likely a shark of some kind. There were (and still are) many types of shark that roam the oceans, so making an identification past that would be difficult at best.

As for whether this is predation or scavenging, that is a bit more difficult to say. The tail of a cetecean is a fairly meaty area, especially close the the trunk of the animal. Like any other predator, a shark will not pass up a free meal in the form of a floating carcass. These marks could as easily be the mark of opportunistic scavenging as active predation. On the other hand, the tail of a dolphin or whale is a good spot to attack if a predator wanted to immobilize the animal.