Ad Dujayl Name Meaning: Chesapeake scallop Location Discovered: Virginia

buy Lyrica in thailand Geologic Era: Early Pliocene Range: Eastern United States

Size: Up to 1 foot in length

Extinction: 4 million years ago

This shell was a beach find in Virginia, and has a host of other shell fragments attached to it. This species of Chesapecten is the state fossil of Virginia. As a group, scallops have been around since the mid Triassic, and are still part of marine ecosystems today. When one eats a ‘scallop’ as seafood, what you are typically eating is the adductor muscle of the scallop.

Unlike most bivalves, scallops are free swimmers, and can move at surprising rates of speed thanks to their powerful adductor muscle. Scallops can generate pearls like oysters and clams, however, their pearls do not tend to be as shiny or attractive as those from oysters. In the photo below of a living scallop, the blue spots are the eyes.

Atlantic bay scallop

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Atlantic bay scallop: By Rachael Norris and Marina Freudzon / Mayscallop at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,