Coelophysis-the probable coprolite culprit

buy prednisone Name Meaning:  Hollow Form

buy dapoxetine online in india Geologic Era: Late Triassic

Location Discovered:  Bull Canyon Formation, NM

Size: 3 meters long, 1 meter tall

Estimated Range:  Arizona-New Mexico

Extinction Date:  Late Triassic

Our coprolite is fairly complete, with only the very tip of one end broken off.  The broken end reveals what appears to be two bone fragments within.  

Coelophysis is the most common dinosaur found in the Arizona-New Mexico area, so our coprolite likely came from Coelophysis or an animal very much like it.  It was found in the same formation as numerous Coelophysis skeletons, and is roughly the correct size and shape to have come from such an animal.   This fossil was a 28th birthday gift from my husband, who tolerates my museum with uncommon grace.  He has been one of my greatest supports in this crazy endeavor.

View of interior of coprolite

Image Credits:

Coelophysis restoration:  By Park Ranger, artist Jeff Martz[1] [Public domain or CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons