Fakes. So many fakes.

where to buy furosemide in uk When one buys fossils, it pays to know a few things. First and foremost, while most fossil sellers are honest (if sometimes not very knowledgeable as to what they have), there are a few jerks out there selling fakes. Some of these fakes, unfortunately, are rather convincing, and can fool an inexperienced buyer. A good example are the composited mosasaur jaws on the market…they look pretty, and are often sold as real, but are not. Then there’s the Chinese reptile plates (most fake, a few real), that command hundreds of dollars for what is essentially carved and painted rock. Even the heavily composited (often badly) bones are still fossils for the most part. Some of those are so bad they are good.

Seroquel rezept This post is not about these types of fake.

http://amykilpin.co.uk/43452-ph20367-lithium-ion-battery-12v-price-india.html This post is about the “what in the world is wrong with you trying to sell this as a fossil” fake. The ones that aren’t actually fossils, but just plain old rocks. And they even look like just rocks. There is one particular joker who I have run across a few times. Most of his items look like river rocks. They have some polish to them, and are probably natural specimens. If he wanted to sell them as just that, pretty rocks, cool.

Your Domain Name However, he is selling them as fossils, and pretty outlandish ones at that.

And asking up to five figures for some of these.


One particular specimen is his “Nessie head.” Superficially, it looks like it could be a plesiosaur head, if you squinted and pretended it wasn’t a REGULAR FREAKING ROCK. He’s asking about 30K for it. For a rock that you could dig up out of your back yard. And I wish that were the worst one.

Then there are the “embryonic dinosaur heads.” Um, excuse me? If you found that many dinosaur embryos, of that many species, could you maybe report that find to science, since, well, it would be a treasure trove of information? Oh wait…you have a better idea. Like drilling holes into these “embryos” and selling them as pendants. Dude, if you seriously drilled holes through actual dinosaur embryo skulls and sold them on a pretty cord for a couple hundred, not only are you actively destroying very scientifically valuable specimens, but every paleontologist on the planet would join forces to hunt your sorry butt down for that very reason.

And I would be among them.

Do not make me report you AGAIN.

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