Getting stepped on by a dinosaur hurts Not quite as bad as having a gomphothere jaw chunk dropped on your foot, but still up there. So I’m trying to put the museum to rights (as if that will ever entirely happen), and the Assistant Curator is “helping” me. By helping, I mean he is rooting around in one of the temporary containers, picking stuff up, and deciding if he should chuck it across the room. His favorites of the day were the Edmontosaurus tooth in a case, and the Alioramus foot claw replica. Considering his previous playthings had been a bit, shall we say, pricier and irreplaceable, I was not displeased. I’d rather replace a hadrosaur tooth than a dinosaur track (though explaining to the fine folks at the local ER exactly WHY my son has a hadrosaur tooth in his upper GI tract would have been interesting at best).

So he’s messing around, I’m trying to update the paper catalog (a story for another day), and all is going well. I’m even thinking, “hey, at least he’s picked something less awful to mess with. What harm can he do? Let him be.”

I will never utter, or even think, words to that effect again.

So here I am, putting a few pieces back. I hear him doing his standard “goo gah MAMAMAMA” which I have since learned means, “pay attention to me mama, I’m about to do a thing!”

The thing, in this case, was to jam the Alioramus claw, point first, into the middle of my bare foot.

I learned two things this day. First, being stomped on by a tyrannosaur would most certainly hurt like all blazes. It was like every nerve in my body relocated to that spot on my right foot, and they were much displeased. Second, I can apparently levitate, as I jumped about two feet off the ground with a yelp, which the Assistant Curator found most amusing.

Before anyone asks, yes, he is quite strong for his size. He routinely pushes Museum Security out of his way or around, and each of them is over 80 pounds. I am starting to wonder if he is plotting a hostile takeover of the museum, and is just softening me up until then.


The Curator

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