click reference Type of Pathology: Dental abscess

see here now Location Found: Unknown (estate sale) Source of pathology: Infection at root of tooth

sito serio di incontri Creator of pathology: Bacteria

This partial jaw bone with teeth has evidence of a truly impressive dental abscess. The hole goes all the way through the bone, and into the root of the tooth. If one places their finger inside the hole, the base of the tooth root can be felt. This was most likely a very painful lesion in life, and may have prevented the animal from eating.

The infection that caused the abscess was probably bacterial, as most modern dental infections are. I cannot be certain as to where the infection originated, though there are a few possibilities. The first is that the infection started at the jawbone itself and ate its way inward. The second possibility is that the infection started at or in the tooth, and worked its way outward. Either is plausible. As an aside, the crown of the tooth is broken off, which could point to the tooth being the source of infection. It is equally possible, however, that this break occurred after the animal died.