Name Meaning: Diptera (Two-Wing)

neurontin us Geologic Era: Eocene Size: 3 centimeters long

a fantastic read Estimated Range: Worldwide

Location Found: Green River Formation, Wyoming

Extinction: Not extinct

This little fly came from the same sediments as the Knightia, Diplomystus, Mioplosus, and Phaerodus fish. The Green River Formation has some of the most prolific Eocene fossil beds in the world, and is most well known for fish. Other organisms recovered include birds, reptiles, and even a few small, primitive horses. Flies like this one would have died on the water’s surface, and then sank to the bottom, where the sediments preserved it. Given how many fish lived in the Green River lakes, it’s a bit surprising this little insect was not consumed on its way down to the bottom of the lake. Unlike most of the animals in this museum, Diptera flies are not extinct, and continue to thrive on most continents in some form or another.