In hindsight, I should have seen this coming

Get More Info So, in a previous post, I mentioned that I had started a paper catalog. This evening, I realized something. I should probably put the specimen number in with the individual entries. I’ll probably put it in above the “Name Meaning” part, so it shouldn’t be a terribly obtrusive change. I am really glad I got a second book to record these items. I have it set up to have two per page (so, four on one front-to-back page). I am about a third of the way through the first book, and I am starting to seriously wonder if they will all fit in the first book. I still have well over half the the collection to catalog.

50 cent tyra banks dating My initial thought was to only go up through 999 specimens. For example, a particular specimen might be labeled JPNHM-128. Surely I would never go over 999 specimens, right? My husband said (only semi-jokingly) that I might want to consider adding another 0, to increase the possible total. So, it would instead be JPNHM-0128.

popular mobile dating apps I’m thinking he was right. I still have 1 full display case, two barrister’s bookcases, two shot glass cases, and several dozen pieces in various places on top of these cases. I may actually have close to a thousand pieces.

And now I have the Assistant Curator trying to get into the horse tooth collection, and my husband nearly used the Neolithic canine jaw as a back scratch. Add this to the fact my dad broke one of my dinosaur teeth (Deltadromeus) and I have broken a dinosaur bone after the Morocco tooth display fell on my head, the only one in this house who has not yet broken part of the museum is my mom.

Save me from my family!

The Curator

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