Index of Specimens pages is (semi) live

check this In addition to my handwritten catalog, the museum now has a specimen index page. I redid it to show specimen number, type, and species. I think this is an improvement over just listing what animal/plant and part a piece is. It’s not done yet…I think I am roughly a quarter of the way through that particular page. I will try to get the majority of it done this weekend. If possible, I will also link the index entry to the actual organism page. I’ve never tried to do that, and let’s face it, technology and me don’t always get along.

cheap cytotec online no prescription In other news, the Great Insect Invasion was thwarted by our erratic Missouri weather. For those not familiar with the area, usually in late October we are beset by lady beetles (usually right after the soy fields are cleared). They get in the house, they bite, and stink when you kill them. The invasion started over the weekend, and I had the vacuum ready as usual. Luckily for me this year, we had a bit of an early cold snap, which appears to have killed most or all of the little creeps. Good thing too…one of the invasions in past years caused my husband to sprain his ankle, so saying he doesn’t like the bugs is like saying the ocean has a few drops of water. I will also be giving another dinosaur/fossil presentation at the Missouri River Regional Library Osage County branch on November 19th. The library is right near the school where I teach, so I probably won’t even go home that night. Maybe my husband could bring the Assistant Curator. I mean, the little guy has to learn some time!

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