It’s starting to come together

buy finasteride forum Meaning, it’s looking less and less like a natural disaster, and more and more like a museum. I got the new cabinet in…it’s small, but perfect for some of my smaller pieces/groups. Though I have the specimens grouped by type on the museum website, the physical groupings are a bit more specific (largely because I do not have shelves big enough to support all of some groups). .

Tadalafil Oral Strip I’ve also started a hard copy catalog (more for myself than anything). I figured a numbering system that ends with 9,999 should be sufficient space. I mean, there’s no way I will ever acquire more than that, right? My husband just started laughing when I said that. Humph…he of little faith! Though, considering I am currently on specimen JPNHM-0138 with 2 full cabinets, 2 barrister’s bookcases, and 2 shot glass displays left…hmm, maybe he should be a bit concerned.

Speaking of the shot glass displays, they may be retired at some point in the future. They were great when I had the museum in my classroom, as they were atop short bookshelves and everything was more or less at eye level. That isn’t the case now. I had them atop the barrister’s bookcases, and honestly I couldn’t see the specimens at all. The issue was twofold: small specimens, and their tendency to fall to the back of the display.

I partially solved the problem by investing in floating frame cases. They take up a bit more space, but the specimens are more visible. The big problem with those is that they don’t accommodate wide objects. They are fantastic for dinosaur teeth and very small bones, not so much for wider stuff like vertebrae or anything that curves. I don’t want to buy any more large cabinets if I can avoid it, unless I end up getting a separate space for my museum. Don’t get me wrong…I would love that, but I think that dream is a bit down the road.

Need to get more entries done,

The Curator