Name Meaning: Middle Reptile

buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v Geologic Era: Permian

Yafo Location Found: Brazil (specimen is a cast)

Size: 1 meter in length for adults

Range: Modern Eastern South American and Western African coasts

Extinction: 280 million years ago

This cast had to be taken away from the Assistant Curator, or more specifically, out of his throwing range. While the Assistant Curator does try, his strength is far greater than his accuracy, and this specimen was surrounded by other, breakable objects. Unfortunately, this only prompted him to moving onto the track display as his target. Oh well. I tried.

Mesosaurus would have been a predator of smaller, aquatic organisms such as small fish and invertebrates such as crustaceans. An adult Mesosaurus would have been very cumbersome on land, given the thickening of its bones. This thickening, however, would have been a great benefit in the water, as they would have given Mesosaurus more control of its movements. Adults probably spent more time on land than juveniles, though how much time is up for debate. The juveniles were probably almost entirely aquatic.

Mesosaurus has been cited as an example of evidence of continental drift. Given its rather small size, Mesosaurus would not have been able to cross a large body of water such as an ocean. However, Mesosaurus fossils are found in Eastern South America and Western/Southern Africa, areas that are now separated by the Atlantic Ocean. This indicates that those continents were formerly much closer than they are now. Image Credits:

Living Animal: By Nobu Tamura ( – Own work, CC BY 2.5,