Need to visit all the museums!

where to buy dapoxetine in china And I sort of did just that…nearly all the natural history museums in Massachusetts, and one in Connecticut. We just got back from our New England trip, and the Assistant Curator and I had a blast. Here’s a rundown on the places we visited. Harvard Museum of Natural History: Rather small, but very well laid out with pretty exhibits. Lots of stuff to see aside from fossils. The only downside was parking (next to non-existent). The gift shop was also nice, and the whole place was easily accessible with a stroller.

blog here Yale Peabody Museum: If you want to see a real, old school natural history museum, this is the place. Yes, a bit outdated (especially the posture of a lot of the dinosaurs), but it will be renovated starting in 2020, with the collection also being greatly expanded. I look forward to seeing what it looks like then.

online dating site kolhapur Amherst Museum: Absolutely beautiful. It takes up two whole floors, with part of the lower floor being devoted to trace fossils. The staff was very friendly, and even cheered the Assistant Curator on when he decided to climb the 20+ flight of stairs solo (and give the Curator a few more white hairs). The mammal specimens were especially well done.

EcoTarium: Good for younger kids, though I think the Assistant Curator will get more out of it in a few years. Much of this place is outdoors, so keep that in mind if you are going here in the summer. Overall, a nice variety of activities for kids preschool and up.

Dinosaur State Park: If you want to see an epic dinosaur trackway that is also indoors, this is the place for you. Tons of Eubrontes tracks, and a very informative setup for learning how these tracks were made. There are also lots of walking trails if that is your thing.

Nash Dinosaur Track Quarry: Off the beaten path, but well worth it. The owner is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to dinosaur tracks, and the quarry itself is a sight to see. If you want to buy some tracks, you can. His prices are VERY reasonable.

And aside from paleontology stuff, we also went to the New England Aquarium, visited Logan’s (my husband) relatives, and went whale watching. The whale watching was pretty awesome. We got to see a minke whale (briefly), a couple of fin whales (dang those guys are fast!) and Scylla the humpback whale with her calf. Totally worth the sunburn.

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