Modern Ganges River Dolphin

buy Lyrica online cheap uk Name Meaning: River Dolphin? Geologic Era: Miocene

iambically Location Found: Florida (both specimens)

buy stromectol online Estimated Range: American Southeast (fossils found in Alabama and Florida)

Size: 3-4 meters long?

Extinction: 6.8 million years ago

Here are two pieces of Pomatodelphis, a partial lower jaw and a reasonably intact caudal vertebra. Both are from Peace River in Florida. Now, river dolphins are found in Asia and South America, though they previously had a somewhat larger range.

River dolphins are unusual animals, and Pomatodelphis is no exception. The teeth of Pomatodephis are of particular interest, as the tooth and jaw structure suggest it was not especially adept at catching fish. Rather, it may have preferred softer prey such as squid or other larger invertebrates. Pomatodelphis remains are fairly common in Florida, meaning it was a well-represented animal in the local environments. Pomatodelphis are found in a wide range of sediments, from marine to estuarian rivers. This means that it could tolerate a wide range of salinity in its environment, which would have been an advantage in terms of avoiding larger predators like sharks. Megalodon was still alive at the time of Pomatodelphis, but would have been unable to travel into rivers. Sharks as a rule have this limitation, with a few exceptions such as the bull shark..

Ganges River Dolphin Skeleton

Image Credits:

Life Restoration: By Zahangir Alom / Marine Mammal Commission / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Freshwater Dolphins and Porpoises. Marine Mammal Commission., Public Domain,

Ganges River Dolphin Skeleton: By Notafly – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,