buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v Name Meaning: Winged Finger Geologic Era: Late Jurassic

buy Pregabalin powder Estimated Range: Modern Europe and Africa, possible specimens in Asia

Nowrangapur Size: 1.5 meter wingspan (based on current specimens)

Extinction: 148 million years ago

This is a cast of one specimen of Pterodactylus antiquus, a small pterosaur. This cast is a replica of one of the Pterodactylus fossils found in the lithographic limestone of Solnhofn, Germany. Archaeopteryx was found in the same sediments, as well as a host of insects, a small dinosaur, reptiles, and fish.

Interestingly, no adult specimen of Pterodactylus has been found, so the 1.5 meter wingspan is not the adult size. This means that we are not entirely certain what the adults looked like, or if they developed more distinctive features such as larger crests later in life. Soft tissue has been found with some Pterydactylus specimes, indicating that it had a throat pouch and a fine covering of feathers. Analysis of its bones also shows that it had more in common in terms of metabolism with crocodiles than birds, meaning Pterodactylus and its kin were probably cold-blooded. This is in contrast with many dinosaurs, which were probably warm blooded.

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