Roadtrip to the Western Interior Seaway

article source Or what’s left of it, anyhow.

click to investigate Some people go to amusement parts or sports games over their breaks; I go to museums. We (meaning myself, the Assistant Curator, and the one who puts up with both of us) are heading to Kansas over Thanksgiving break to see as many natural history museums as we can. It looks like we will be able to make at least three, with a fourth added in if time allows. I’m not sure if the hotel we will be staying at has internet access…if it does, I will try to update day to day. If not, I will do so when I get back.

top lithium mining companies in australia I also figured out why I have been having trouble uploading images (and by extension, having problems getting entries done). I kept getting an error that said “item is an invalid JSON response.” Turns out the images were a bit too big, and resizing them to around 1MB seems to have done the trick. I hope this doesn’t prove a detriment to image quality, but it doesn’t look like it has so far.

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