Stupid virus

can you buy Lyrica from canada Well, I’m officially off of school for the next couple weeks due to the lovely chunk of parasitic DNA/RNA called COVID-19. I know social distancing is for the best, and I encourage anyone who reads this blog to practice measures outlined by the CDC and WHO. We can beat this bug if we all work together as a team. I know this whole isolation thing is going to be unpleasant for extroverts, but we have to limit the spread now (I’m looking at YOU, Spring Break partiers in Florida) or we will quite literally be up a creek without a paddle, with a load of respectably sized gators in the water. If you start feeling like garbage, get checked out. As a former medical type myself, doctors would rather catch and treat a case early than wait until you are really in a bad way.

where to buy Pregabalin online I guess the upshot is that I am getting one heck of a crash course in distance and virtual learning, and getting a lot more time to work on the museum and other projects. My students, bless them, have truly risen to the occasion, and have taken to the (drastically) modified format very well. If anything, they seem to be having an easier time than I am. For some levity, here are a few amusing incidents that happened this year:

ivermectin (Ivermectin) where to buy I exploded a power strip (nearly zapping myself and coming closer than I have every done to dropping the f-bomb in front of my students)

Prievidza Flooded my classroom (again)

Scorched the floor in multiple places (luckily just the wax) with flaming Doritos

Soaked myself because I dropped and cracked a 5 gallon container of frigid water (resulting in me being cold, wet, and cranky for several hours)

Knocked out power in three of my four walls

See why some of my kids call me the “Master of Disaster?”

Stay safe, sane, and healthy, everyone!

The Curator