Thoughts on models The more I look at my dinosaur models, the more I notice discrepancies in quality. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t regret buying any of them. If nothing else, the less than stellar ones are good for comparative purposes. My models range from pretty old (mid 1990’s or so) to very current (as in, purchased a few weeks ago). I can’t really find fault with the older ones. For the times, the old Carnegie line was the best of the best in terms of dinosaur models.I picked up as many of those as I could, and being the packrat that I am, never got rid of any (including duplicates). If you want to grab some for yourself, try eBay. They are pretty inexpensive even now, probably running about twenty dollars at the most. Any real issues I have with them are due to age and new scientific discoveries. For purposes of comparison, I will put to Diplodocus models next to each other.

Diplodocus from the early 1990’s
Diplodocus now

check The bottom model is from Safari Ltd, and very good company where dinosaur and other prehistoric life is concerned. Notice that the main differences between the two models are the carriage of the neck and tail. The old model showed Diplodocus with a dragging tail and nearly vertical neck. The new model shows them much more lateral to the ground. The new model also has spines running the length of the body and a less sprawling posture. Again, both good models for their time. I would expect further modifications to the current model as new and better fossils are found.

women seeking men hartford backpage And then there are some not so great models out there. Truthfully, some models one expects to not be so great. Ones meant for children’s play tend to not be of the highest quality, being intended to be more durable and fun to play with. I have no problem with those…heaven knows the Assistant Curator has plenty of those (primarily to keep him away from my really good pieces). Below are two models off the same animal, Acrocanthosaurus. Both are pretty new.

The one on the right was part of the sadly discontinued Battat Terra line. The one on the right is from Geoworld. One can pretty easily see the differences in quality. Neither model is bad, necessarily, but I do believe that with models, one tends to get exactly what one pays for. The Geoworld ones are fairly inexpensive, with a nice quality paint job, and would be fantastic for a younger collector or dinosaur enthusiast. In terms of quality, however, I feel the Battat ones win out. The Battat ones are getting a bit more difficult to find, as the line was discontinued some time ago, so your best bet for those would be online (or Target,for the last model year released-2018).

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