Bayreuth Type of Pathology: Bite marks

Lyrica tablets buy online Location Found: South Carolina Source of pathology: Likely predation

how to buy plan b one step Creator of pathology: C. megalodon

The front paddle bone above has a total of four gashes in it, ranging from 3 millimeters deep to over a centimeter deep. This bone would have come from the proximal, or closer to shoulder, part of the flipper. Beyond saying this bone came from a respectably sized whale, I can’t tell what genus or species it would have been. This bone is from the Pliocene Epoch, when baleen whale species were becoming larger.

Whale bones with feeding marks from this epoch are relatively common, and give an idea of C. megalodon’s feeding strategy. A good way to immobilize a whale would be to target its method of locomotion, meaning the flippers or tail fluke. These areas are not prime scavenging material, as there would not have been a lot of meat or fat on them. Once the whale was unable to move, the shark could then move in and target a more vital area, such as the chest or abdomen.