Yay for having to fix things

check out the post right here Well, the Assistant Curator might be restricted to playing with some of my more sturdy models. He managed to break, not one, but four teeth from the Monolophosaurus skull. I was able to superglue them back into place (though that last little one was difficult), and that piece is now well out of his reach. Luckily I didn’t pay a whole lot for that particular piece, and the repair job doesn’t really show. And the cigarette smell is gone, so that’s good I guess.

buy generic Gabapentin He really likes to play with the Megaraptor claw and Allosaurus finger, and has yet to damage them. With how those are built, short of smashing them against a staircase, he probably won’t be able to. I’m more worried he’s going to hit himself with one of them, or accidentally hit one of the dogs.

blog I also think I’ve found the last of the entries where images were missing. I have also started adding new pages, so be on the lookout for those.

Source I finally got the Juratyrant bone in, and it’s turning out to be one of my favorite specimens, as I think I see evidence of a growth plate (or where the cartilagenous growth plate was). The bone looks oddly pitted, which matches up the the fossilized cartilage I have in the museum. This means that the Juratyrant this bone came from was not fully grown.

Lots to do,

The Curator

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