Yes, I’m still alive

view Though dang, some days it sure doesn’t feel like it.

buy generic misoprostol no prescription I’ve been primarily working on rearranging some stuff in the museum. Recently, I obtained a book display rack that was no longer being used. I’m not using it for books (we’ve got plenty of book shelves), but it will be used for larger, flatter items. The ones I had in mind were the dinosaur tracks and the Green River fish plates. They display well on the rack, especially once I added the felt cover to the rack to prevent dings and scratches. The rack is now sitting on the table that once housed the fossil casts, which have been spread out through other categories. This puts the tracks and Green River stuff out of reach of Museum Security as well, one of whom has an unfortunate habit of lifting his leg on objects. Luckily, this has not included the Assistant Curator yet.

azithromycin 500 mg price philippines This frees up a whole shelf in one of the cabinets. I’m thinking of making that shelf dedicated to predatory dinosaurs. This will allow me to spread the dinosaur specimens out a bit, and also put some of the replica claws, teeth, and skulls out of reach of certain curious toddlers. Predatory dinosaurs may end up taking up two shelves (which is fine…I will know once I actually start moving things).

I’m also considering utilizing the shelves behind wood doors. Most of my specimen shelves have glass fronted doors, with only three shelves being behind solid wood. I haven’t used those except for storage as of yet. I might end up putting the shot glass display cases in two of these shelves, as I currently have nowhere else good to place them. They do have hooks on the back and in theory could be hung, but honestly I trust the hinges on those things about as far as I could throw them. I might try to get both displays in one shelf standing up, though I think they might be too wide.

I suppose it would help if I were more spatially oriented. I can visualize where I want things, but actually spacing them out so they look decent is another matter. I usually end up cramming too much in one area, and need to spread it out again.

Yay for work days!

The Curator